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7th Northern Corridor Integration Projects Summit

Friday, 29th August 2014

Preparation for the 7th Northern Corridor Integration Projects Summit is underway; Chaired by the Permanent Secretary/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), senior government officials met today, Friday 29th August 2014 at MOFA to assess the status of implementation from different sectors.

The Summit is slated for 8th October 2014 in Kampala, represented by Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and South Sudan. Thereafter the Heads of State will be invited for the 52nd Uganda Independence celebrations on the 9th October in Kampala.

The flagship Standard Gauge Railway is expected to be commissioned during the celebrations.

Other projects being fast-tracked include:

  1. ICT Infrastructure
  2. Oil Refinery Development
  3. Political Federation
  4. Financing
  5. Power Generation and Transmission and interconnectivity,
  6. Crude Oil Pipeline Development
  7. Refined Petroleum Products Pipeline Development
  8. Commodities Exchange
  9. Human Resource Capacity building
  10. Immigrations, trade, Tourism, Labour and services
  11. Single Customs territory
  12. Mutual defense pact
  13. Mutual Peace and security pact
  14. Airspace Management